Best eCommerce Apps

Best eCommerce Apps

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E-commerce business nowadays represents one of the most popular ways of making money online. But when it comes to starting such a business, there are several things to consider. First of all, it will be wise to read a popular eCommerce platform comparison, as it will be quite helpful in making your choice on a platform that will suit your needs. Secondly, as desktop platforms will be, sooner or later, replaced by mobile apps, learning about the best already existing ones can help you with defining a, so to say, a role model for your future business. Considering the fact that the most popular e-commerce platforms today, both desktop and mobile ones, are related to fashion and beauty sales, eCommerce apps listed below are focused exactly on the same. So here they are:

1. River Island

When it comes to high-end fashion, this app is probably the best of its kind. One of its key features is represented by a mini-slideshow highlighting the brand’s current offers that appear right after you launch the app and provides a pleasant native user experience.
The design of the main app is worthy of the highest encouragement. Everything — product listings, category pages, banners and even calls to action—is designed beautifully, with both mind and taste. Although both the product list and product description pages are very standard in function, the modern intuitive design makes them stand out from other eCommerce mobile solutions.

2. Boozyshop

It will be hard to find a decent competitor to this cosmetics eCommerce app, as it provides users with the ideal combination of design, features, and functionality. What is more, the app is highly sophisticated and wisely adapted to the modern world of social-media users. Such features as social sharing, push messages and the ability to add and learn reviews, make Boozyshop a perfect platform for millennials.

3. H&M

The mid-level fashion is represented by the giant and brilliant H&M. A highly intuitive interface of the app is combined with a light yet super stylish graphics. Everything in the app invites you in, so in the niche of mid-level fashion, there are nearly no chances to find a better app to measure up against.